College and Career Ready

We are committed to our mission that students graduate from WHEELS with great choices about their college and career trajectory, and we provide exposure to opportunities at colleges and careers along the way. From college visits starting in 7th grade and day and overnight trips in 9th-11th to our College Prep class in 11th Grade, students build a strong understanding of what they are looking for in a post-secondary institution. We know it is college and career, so we also ensure 9th Grade students participate in at least one extracurricular, 11th Grade students participate in mentoring, internships, and more, and students throughout their high school experience have opportunities for Summer Youth, career panels, and more. None of this would be possible without our Futures Ignite team, who work within the school building and school day to provide one-on-one counseling to every senior with caseloads of less than 50, alumni counseling to our graduates, and program leadership of most of our high school initiatives working toward college and career.