Join Us at WHEELS.

We have created a school culture that ensures high expectations for adults and students, fosters a respectful and supportive learning community, develops our professional craft as educators, and actively engages families as partners in the life of the school. Our school culture is grounded by our membership in EL Education, a national education organization that values mastery of knowledge and skills, character education, and high-quality student work.

WHEELS provides teachers constant opportunities to learn with weekly professional development facilitated in grade-levels or departments and grade-level team meetings during the week. Teachers have access to high-quality professional development from EL Education, opportunities to research and travel over the summer with Fund For Teachers. Further, by joining WHEELS, you will be surrounded by National Board Certified Teachers, Math For America fellows, and several teachers pursuing or having achieved advanced degrees in their craft.

We are looking for applicants that have:

  • A mindset that takes responsibility for student results.

  • A deep respect for the teaching profession and its complexity, and a strong desire to constantly improve and extend their teaching practice in collaboration with others.

  • High expectations for student engagement and academic achievement.

  • The ability to build relational trust with, students, families, teachers, and school leaders.

  • The willingness to reflect upon daily realities with humility and from multiple perspectives.

  • Our Lower Grades (PreK-5) are Dual Language, so applicants for those grade levels should be completely fluent in Spanish and English.



Apply Here.

We are excited to learn more about your practice. At WHEELS, we frequently engage in “Looking at Student Work” protocols to learn more about the learning that happened in a classroom. To that end, please email with the following:

  1. Your resume

  2. A summative task from your classroom, including the learning targets or objectives, and the success criteria for the assessment (usually a rubric)

  3. Three examples of student work (one that exceeds standards, one that meets standards, and one that approaches standards) from that task

  4. Reflection on the task and the student work (in 200-400 words), specifically addressing:

  • What does the student work show that students learned?
  • What was an important intervention you used during this unit to support a student or students?

  • What was one important learning that you would apply the next time you teach this unit?

After reviewing the task and student work, we will follow-up to learn more about your practice and what you are looking for in your next school. Further steps could include submitting a video of your classroom practice, a phone call, and/or a visit to WHEELS for interviews with students, staff, and families and a demo lesson.